July 12, 2024

Visit Poland’s Illusion Farm Amusement Park

Open from mid April to mid October, Trojanow’s Illusion Farm Amusement Park is a fun day out for the whole family.  Dozens of unique attractions are spread over the six hectares of land at the park, and you’ll find everything from themed playgrounds, to merry go-rounds, to labyrinths of mirrors.  The park is also unique in that it provides bonfires and barbecues for its guests.  So, you can enjoy a truly lovely family day out, especially during the warm summer months.

How to Get to the Illusion Farm Amusement Park

The Illusion Farm Amusement Park is located in Trojanow, Poland; 80km from Lublin and 90km from Warsaw.  The park is clearly signposted from Trojanow, and those driving using a Satnav can simply enter “Illusion Park” for directions.  Free parking is available for all visitors and can be found at the front entrance of the park.

It is also possible to reach the Illusion Farm via public transport.  The closest railway station is MIKA, and if you contact the park in advance, they will arrange transportation from the station to the park for you.

How Much Does the Illusion Farm Amusement Park Cost?

Prices for the park vary; however, you can view a full list on the Illusion Farm Park’s official website.  At the time of writing, children’s tickets cost 5 PLN, adult’s tickets cost 85 PLN, and senior tickets cost 49 PLN.  Family tickets, disabled tickets, and tickets for multiple entries are also available.  These can be purchased on the day or in advance via the park’s website.

You will need to take extra money should you wish to eat in any of the park’s restaurants, to play mini golf, or use the 3D glasses.  Guests are welcome to take their own food into the park, and barbecues and picnic benches are readily available.

A List of the Main Attractions

As mentioned above, the Illusion Farm Amusement Park is full of attractions.  We have compiled a list of the best:

  • The Flying Hut of Secrets – A cottage that will make you feel as though you are floating into space
  • Overturned Room – You’ll feel like Spiderman as you walk on the walls and the ceilings
  • Ames Hall – A room of illusion that makes children look taller than their parents
  • Infinity Well – Can you look inside the earth? This well will certainly make you believe so
  • Giant’s Furniture and Garden – Want to feel like a leprechaun? This illusion will certainly help you on your way
  • The Labyrinth of Mirrors – Can you find your way out or will you be stuck inside the crazy labyrinth forever?
  • The Abandoned Gold Mine – Head underground into a real gold mine. Can you unveil the mystery that awaits?
  • The Tunnel of Oblivion – Will you be able to survive?
  • Museum of Illusions – A calmer attraction but one that is well worth a visit

In addition to all of the above, the Illusion Farm Amusement Park also hosts events throughout the year.  Many of these are, however, only for organized groups, so it is worth booking with a party if you can.

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