June 23, 2024

Visit the Bromore Cliffs: One of the Best Day Trips in Ireland

Located close to the coastal town of Ballybunion in County Kerry, the Bromore Cliffs are undoubtedly one of the best day trips in Ireland. Formed over thousands of years, the 180-foot cliffs feature headlands, bays, caves, arches and sea stacks, as well as flagstones that sparkle in the light due to the range of minerals contained within them.

While the Cliffs are a sight to behold themselves, you’ll also find that you have a fantastic view of your surroundings when you venture to the top. If you want to take in the true beauty of Bromore Cliffs, follow the established walking route and you’ll get uninterrupted views of The Starling’s Cave, Tonalassa or Bromore Fort, Bromore Bay and the Seal’s Caves, The Last Steps, the Devil’s Castle and the Old Quarry.

Explore the Wildlife at Bromore Cliffs

As you travel across the cliffs, keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful wildlife that surrounds you. In the Atlantic Ocean below the cliffs, you can spot seals, Sea Otters and Bottlenose Dolphins amongst the waves, while the narrow ledges and crevices of the cliffs are home to rock doves, cormorants, fulmars, ravens, falcons and even foxes.

Nestled in the south west of Ireland, Bromore Cliffs certainly feel remote and rural. However, the Cliffs are easily accessible, with great road and rail links. Less than an hour from Tralee and Limerick, a short drive or train ride makes Bromore Cliffs the ideal place for day trips in Ireland.

Plan Day Trips in Ireland

If you arrive at Bromore Cliffs by road, you’ll be able to park close to the coastline in the handy car park. From here, you can reach Starling’s Cave or Bromore Fort on foot in around 20-30 minutes. To take in the entire walk across the clifftops, you’ll want to leave at least an hour for walking. Of course, the stunning views and mesmerising scenery, will likely you mean you spend far longer enjoying this spectacular location.

You’ll be surrounded by ungrazed land while walking on the cliffs yet the walk itself is relatively level and easy for beginners. Furthermore, it’s well-fenced throughout, so you’ll feel safe and secure as you explore the area. Children are welcome at Bromore Cliffs, although they must be supervised at all times. However, pet owners may want to note that dogs can’t be taken on the clifftops.

Make the Most of Bromore Cliffs

If you want to stroll along the cliffs, you’ll need to pay a modest admission fee. At the time of writing, prices are €5 per car, €3 per motorcycle and €2 per person for pedestrians, bicyclists and bus passengers. However, payments are accepted in cash only, so make sure you have some coins with you!

As with all outdoor, natural attractions, it’s important to dress for the weather when you’re exploring the Cliffs. The breeze from the nearby Atlantic Ocean can make it feel a little colder than it really is, so wrap up warm before you set out.

Whether you live nearby or you’re travelling to the coast from inland, a trip to Bromore Cliffs is unforgettable in all the right ways.

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