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Paradores in Spain: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, consider staying at one of the country’s famous Paradores. Paradores are a chain of state-owned hotels located in castles, palaces, fortresses, convents, and other historic and cultural sites across the country. Offering a unique accommodation experience, Paradores in Spain allow travellers to soak up local history and culture. Here’s everything you need to know about these one-of-a-kind hotels.

History of Paradores in Spain

Paradores in Spain originated in 1910 when the Paradores was founded as a national chain of hotels to promote Spain’s tourism. The first Parador opened in 1928 in Gredos, using a royal hunting lodge as a hotel. Since then, Paradores has renovated castles, palaces, monasteries, and other historic buildings into hotels. There are currently 96 Parador properties located throughout Spain. Staying at Paradores allows visitors to experience these cultural sites while enjoying upscale accommodations and amenities.

Locations and Settings

The locations and settings of Paradores in Spain vary dramatically. Paradores can be found everywhere, from major cities like Madrid and Barcelona to small remote villages nestled in the countryside or coastal beach towns. Wherever they are located, Paradores hotels are known for their beautiful and unique settings in historical and cultural sites.

Some of the most popular Paradores in Spain are located in castles, palaces, and fortresses like Hostal dos Reis Católicos in Santiago de Compostela, Castillo de Monterrei in Verín, and Castillo de Santa Catalina in Jaén. Other Paradores are located in convents and monasteries like Parador de Santo Estevo in Ourense and Parador de Cardona in a medieval fortified convent. Scenic coastal Paradores can be found in places like El Hierro, Benicarlo, and Malaga.

Amenities and Facilities

In addition to their unique settings, Paradores in Spain offer quality amenities and facilities. While preserving historic details like stone walls, antique furnishings, and grand architecture, Paradores offer modern amenities comparable to upscale or luxury hotels.

Visitors can enjoy restaurants and bars serving regional cuisine, outdoor pools, free parking, Wi-Fi access, fitness centres, and more. Other convenient amenities include 24-hour reception desks, room service, laundry service, and accessibility for disabled guests. Family-friendly Paradores have children’s activities like game rooms and playgrounds.

Most Paradores in Spain have between 10 to 100 guestrooms, ranging from cosy historic rooms in landmark buildings to larger updated rooms in modern additions. Certain Paradores have meeting rooms and event spaces for business meetings, conferences, weddings, and other gatherings.

Experiencing Local Culture

Staying at Paradores lets visitors experience local architecture, history, culture and cuisine. The Paradores chain commits to preserving and promoting cultural heritage sites across Spain. Guests can access historic castles, palaces and other landmarks with museums, architecture and decor showcasing local culture.

Regional cuisine is another highlight, with Paradores offering traditional Spanish dishes from their on-site restaurants, which focus on local specialties. Some locations have taverns serving tapas and wines featuring regional flavours.

So for travellers who want an authentic taste of Spain’s cuisine, culture and history, Paradores in Spain offer one-of-a-kind accommodations and experiences in the country’s most iconic sites.

Booking Your Stay

Paradores in Spain belong to the government-run Paradores chain, overseen by Paradores de Turismo de España. You can book stays directly through the official Paradores website, which highlights each property’s location, history, room options, rates and packages.

Compared to other hotels in Spain, rates at Paradores may be higher due to their unique historical settings, high-quality amenities, renowned culinary programs and ideal locations. However, Paradores often offer deals and packages, especially during low tourist seasons.

When booking your Parador, consider the type of room you want, whether it’s a classic room in a historic landmark or a more modernised room in an addition. Also, check what amenities are included, like parking, breakfast, and access to pools, gyms or other facilities.

Remember that Paradores in Spain tend to fill up quickly during peak tourist seasons. As such, booking your stay several months in advance if visiting in the summertime or during holidays is recommended.

Immerse Yourself in Spain’s History and Culture

For travellers seeking one-of-a-kind accommodations combined with luxury amenities, Paradores in Spain are the perfect places to immerse yourself in Spain’s long history and diverse regional cultures. Staying in a centuries-old castle, palace, or monastery lets visitors experience Spain’s architectural and artistic heritage firsthand while enjoying modern-day comforts and conveniences.

So, on your next visit to Spain, consider staying at one of these unique hotels to truly soak up the country’s vibrant culture, cuisine, and landscapes. By booking a stay at a Parador, you’ll have an unforgettable trip exploring Spain’s historic, scenic and cultural wonders.

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