July 14, 2024

Looking at Holidays in the Dolomites? Keep These Tips in Mind

There are several great reasons why holidays in the Dolomites are on many traveller’s bucket lists. This part of Italy is certainly a great place to visit, with gorgeous valleys, beautiful lakes, and spectacular mountains. If you want to visit the Dolomites for your next trip, make sure that you plan ahead so that you’re ready for the experience and ensure that you have the best possible time. Here are our top tips for visiting the Dolomites, so you can make the most of your adventure there.

Plan for the Weather:

Holidays in the Dolomites aren’t your average beach holiday since the weather here can be quite unpredictable. It’s a good idea to make sure that you are ready for some changes in weather since it’s not unusual for it to be cold and windy and then quite warm and sunny on the same day. The weather forecasts here can often be wrong simply because of how unpredictable the weather is, so you should pack for every eventuality. Make sure that you bring waterproof clothing, plenty of layers, and sunscreen.

Bring Walking Boots and Hiking Gear:

Walking around between locations can take up a lot of time during holidays in the Dolomites. It can often take longer than you might expect to get from one place to another, so be sure to plan your walks accordingly and bring a sturdy and comfortable pair of walking boots with you.

Google Maps can give you some idea of the terrain to expect, but it can sometimes be challenging so make sure that you’re prepared, and you have got the right gear. Don’t forget to allow some time for stopping to take photos, too.

If you’re planning to do a lot of exploring, it’s worth bringing some other pieces of hiking gear with you too. Headlamps are an ideal choice for your safety and to make exploring the outdoors easier if you plan to stay out late at night or start your treks early in the morning. It’s also worth getting some trekking or walking poles if you want to explore the Dolomites on foot as much as possible; they will help you stabilise yourself and make it easier for you to get up and down hills, so you can enjoy the great outdoors for longer.

Hire a Car:

To really make sure that you get the most out of your visit to the Dolomites, it is well worth hiring a car. There is a lot to see that you definitely won’t be able to get around on foot and the non-direct paths and mountain roads are not great for pedestrians. A car will give you the freedom that you need to explore as much as possible.

You can hire cars at the airport, but plan ahead since the queues can be quite long. Bear in mind that Italians drive on the right and make sure that your driving licence is valid before you travel.

Fog in the Dolomites

Take Cash:

Holidays in the Dolomites can get very expensive, very quickly, since this destination is definitely not a budget-friendly one. It can all quickly add up when you factor in the cost of car hire, hotels, road tolls, dining and entry. For example, you will need to pay 30 euros to enter Tre Cime with a car, and you may need to pay to stay in the mountain huts, which can get quite pricey.

It is also worth carrying cash with you since not everywhere will accept credit or debit cards. There are supermarkets in the area, which you could visit to save money by stocking up on some non-perishable foods.

Check Out the Sunrise and Sunset Times:

If you want to get some of the best holiday photos ever during your trip to the Dolomites, sunrise and sunset can certainly be some of the best times to take them. You’ll get some incredible lights and colours that make for stunning photographs or just to admire. Make sure that you know what times they are happening during your visit so that you don’t miss out.

You can do this using the Apple weather app on your phone, or quickly check online during the day or the evening before. You can also find apps available that will allow you to track the position of the sun for the sunrise and sunset, which can help you with getting even better photos.

Download Offline Maps:

The last thing you want is to get stuck while you’re exploring because you’ve got no signal on your phone, so download some offline maps to use before you go. You can do this easily and free of charge using Google Maps; once you have downloaded the offline maps, you can enter directions to get walking times and nearby trails, which is handy to have if you are struggling to get online.

Bring Snacks and Water:

If you plan to hike and explore a lot, snacks and water are definitely a must-have for your trip. There are several supermarkets in the area where you can pick up supplies, whether you want to buy in bulk and leave some back at your hotel room or purchase them on the day for the hike ahead. Throughout the Dolomites, there are also various restaurants and café huts where you can buy food and drinks but don’t rely on these since there might not always be one nearby and it’s easy to get hungry and dehydrated on a long hike when you have nothing to replenish your energy. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the bottled water you can get at supermarkets in the area is often much cheaper than the water sold at restaurants, huts, and hotels in the mountains.

A trip to the Dolomites in Italy is a fantastic experience, no matter the weather. With tons of exciting and gorgeous scenery to explore, this can be a trip like no other. If you are planning to visit this region of Italy for your next adventure, it’s worth planning ahead to get the most from your visit.

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